Friday, 27 April 2012

Fifty Shades Spoiler :S

So, I have a confession to make; I am a terrible, terrible friend.

I got all excited about Fifty Shades coming out in the shops and told my friend about it. She got all excited on my behalf when she saw a display of Fifty Shades of Grey in her local Tesco and decided to read it, she even bought a copy before I did!

I was quite excited she was reading it (first person from my RL) and we discussed it over Starbucks. She knows that I have a little cameo appearance in it (I might have gushed about it to her) so this is our conversation: 

Bestie: So, which book did you say you were in?

Me: The second one. You know I'm not a big character, there's just someone with my name. 

Bestie: So what do you do?

Me: I'm at a party. I'm the leading man's shrink’s wife. 

Bestie: Oh, right. 

Me: But I got cut from the third book, it was made shorter for the book version. I can't remember, I think it was another party... (thinks) maybe I was at their wedding.

Bestie: They get married???

Me: Oh my God!

Bestie: (pointed look)

Me: I'm so sorry. I can't believe I did that. I hate spoilers. 

Bestie: That is not how I saw the story going...

Me: I'm so sorry!

Bestie: You can keep saying that. 

Me: I'm sooo sorry. I just got a bit caught up in the excitement.

Bestie: I noticed.

Me: I'm a terrible, terrible friend. 

Bestie: Yeah. You better tell your friend that you did this to me.

Me: I'll tell her what I did. I might put it on my blog...

Bestie: You have a blog? You don’t tell me you have a blog, but you tell me that they get married?!

Worse still, my mouth ran away with me, I spoiled my friend big time and I'm not even in the freaking wedding. Icy didn't even write the wedding! What a major 'doh' moment. *shakes head at self*


Sunday, 15 April 2012

Fifty and my RL. Eek.

So as you may know from previous posts, I’ve been outed to my dad who is now aware that I read ‘porn’. It’s not my description of choice for the Fifty Shades series and if asked I would say it’s a contemporary love story with some kink, but unfortunately the press in the UK haven’t cottoned on to that yet and Radio 4 is my dad’s source of information.

As you might have heard, our lovely Icy was interviewed on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour. Here’s the link if you haven’t heard it already. You’ll hear the interview about 1 minute in if you skip the news intro. or You’ll find it at the bottom of the page. I know that you can listen to this one outside of the UK :)

So, back to my Monday, when I’m chatting on the phone with my mam (who doesn’t ‘know’) while my Dad’s in the in the background…

Dad: Tell her her mate was on the radio.

Mam: Dad said that he thinks he heard your friend the author on the radio this morning. What’s her book called?

Me: Fifty Shades.

Mam: That’s it, Fifty Shades of Grey.

Me: That’s the one.

Dad (in the background): Porn for women they were saying…

My subconscious: THANKS, DAD!

Mam: Oh, does she write sexy stories?

Me: This one is, a bit, yeah.

Mam: And you’re in it? I don’t know how I feel about that.

Me: (laughs)

Mam: You don’t do anything rude do you?

Me: No, Mam, I don’t. I’m a respectable doctor’s wife with two kids.

Mam: (Thinks a moment) Well, that’s alright then.

Seriously, a conversation I never thought I would have! As my friend Jodie said, no mother would complain about me being a doctor’s wife lol. I never knew my mam was so old-fashioned! I won’t be telling her anything about the pistachio sex. (Lol, you’ll get the joke if you’ve listened to the interview).

I’m getting my friend to read it; she’s going to buy the books now they’re out in the UK so that she gets what I’m going on about. It will be fun to hear how she likes the story and to see it from on ‘outside’ perspective.

I’ll keep you posted on any further embarrassing convos.  


Saturday, 31 March 2012

Fifty Shades Freed

Rectifying my tardiness post-haste, here’s my banner for the latest instalment of the Fifty Shades Series – Fifty Shades Freed.

I’m so excited by all the recent mentions in the press and the excitement of a movie deal. It fascinates me to read and hear about Fifty away from the fandom and the online world. I’m waiting for that moment when someone from my RL that I haven’t old about it mentions it. Don’t think I’ll be able to contain myself.

I can’t wait to see it on the big screen, I foresee a thrilling fan fic Fifty friend outing! Though, I am a little nervous about being as aroused as I am reading the book in a public cinema… 0.0

As much as I like to talk about my love for the story, my experience while actually living the story has always been very private. When a Master of the Universe update came in, I read it alone, giving it my full attention and always needed a quiet house. It’s afterwards that I would fangirl about it with my Twitter friends or went to the bunker to squee, rave, theorise or vent as required. Watching some of those scenes in a public cinema will be a battle between my subconscious and inner goddess, I think!

I'm so excited to see how it’s done. The book was so thoroughly stimulating in every way; the tension between them, the love that blossomed, and of course, the mind-blowing sex with props. I am having flashbacks of talking about needing clean panties…. I’m not sure I want Showcase Cinema’s to know me that well. Lol! There’s no way I’ll miss it though!


Friday, 23 March 2012

Fifty Shades meets my Real Life

I’ve read and enjoyed the Fifty Shades series by E L James in the context of both the published book and back in the days of Master of the Universe; the days of constantly refreshing my e-mails waiting for an update, constantly refreshing my FF account waiting for an update, speculating to the extreme in the Twilighted Bunker, madly anticipating an update on Twitter, raving and wailing about it when it’s arrived, and the list goes on lol.

Fifty has been in my life for quite some time now, but it’s never been something that anyone else in my RL has known about, until last week! Thought I’d share my funny little story…

My family know about my Twilight obsession, that I read stories on line and have met and made friends through it. So I've been filling them in about the story’s success in the vague way of “the friend I meet in London’s book is on the New York bestsellers list” and so on…

So I see a tweet and say to my dad, “Oh, wow! They were talking about my friend's book on Radio 4 today, how cool it that?”

And it goes like this:

Dad: What's it about?

Me: It's a love story, with some kink. *cringes a little inside and avoids eye contact*

Dad: Is it a sexy story?

Me: Yeah, it is, yeah. *dies*

Dad: I heard it on Radio 4. I didn't catch the name or anything, but they were saying that the women like it because the cover’s good and people can’t tell they’re reading porn.

Me: It's not porn. *OMG*



This could go in the awkward discussions between father and daughter hall of fame.


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Fifty Shades Darker

Hi Ladies,

I’ve been a bit lazy lately and haven’t been updating this blog. I’ve had school, work, an extremely irritating wisdom tooth, but also a trip to Chile where I had a fantastic time with my friend Babs.

This week I’ve found a little time on my hands and I’ve reopened my Photoshop programme and wanted to share in case anyone’s interested. I realised that I’d been remiss and hadn’t done a banner for the following instalments of the Fifty Shades series by E L James.

Well done, Icy. Or should I say Ms James? I’m so happy for you. I knew that all those hyper Twitter exchanges and outrageous bunker posts while we waiting for a new chapter of MotU had to lead to something else. It wouldn’t have been fair to keep the story to ourselves and in the end, there’s just no way to ignore hordes of women with mouths as big as ours. Lol!

 I raise a glass to you and to your new audience. Time to seduce and titillate.


Friday, 24 June 2011

Emancipation Proclamation: Valentines Day

I’ve finally got to that part in EP that my friends have nudged me enough for me to know that it’s something to special: it’s Valentines Day in Forks, Washington and Edward is worrying a hole in the floor with his constant pacing.

Bella’s never been made to feel special, but Edward is about to set that right. She’s the dearest thing in his life and she will know it.

“We were supposed to be together. I don’t know what force it was the drove us together, if my mother had a hand in it or even my father for that matter, but whatever it was led us to where we were. And it was right. So fucking right. Laying there, holding her after making love to her and discovering exactly what the fuck that was, I knew there could never be another.”
Emancipation Proclamation, Chapter 47 by Kharizzmatik

I am typing this while listening to The Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga and it seems strangely appropriate – that eagerness and anticipation precipitating that leap, the jump off of the edge of life when you reach for what you want, that excitement when you free fall for an instant waiting for the moment to be real. Not to mention the possible puns about falling over the edge… *giggle*

Edward is a little more sentimental and sets the scene beautifully with Blue October’s 18th Floor Balcony – singing to her from the heart, laying himself more open than he has ever been.

“So we talked about mom's and dad's 
About family pasts 
Just getting to know where we came from 
Our hearts were on display 
For all to see 
I can't believe this is happening to me and,
I raised my hand as if to show you that I was yours 
That I was so yours for the taking 
I'm so yours for the taking and
That’s when I felt the wind pick up 
I grabbed the rail while choking up 
These words to say and then you kissed me
I knew from the start 
My arms are open wide 
Your head is on my stomach 
And we're, we're trying so hard not to fall asleep 

But here we are 
On this 18th floor balcony
We're both flying away

And I'll try to sleep
to keep you in my dreams
'Till I can bring you home with me
I'll try to sleep 
and when I do I'll keep you in my dreams

It was a lovely chapter to read, a sensual awakening, love shining from two souls – both jaded and hurt inside, though innocent in their own ways. It was beautiful to see how they can come together as a whole and leave their pasts behind.

You can find Emancipation Proclamation here:


Monday, 6 June 2011

Breaking Dawn Trailer

Well it’s no surprise that we’re all swooning over the brand new Breaking Dawn trailer. I am immensely happy that Summit finally employed someone that was a good trailer editor and teased us just enough. Opening with anticipation as the wedding invitations are received, heightening the drama with Jake’s embittered response.

The audience are invited to the big event – an invitation that I will be taking advantage of for sure!

They teased us with some magnificent, if altogether too brief shots of the wonderful couple. Bella looked quite the beautiful bride and Edward’s voice-over made my heart flutter.

Who doesn’t want a man who loves you so much that eternity doesn’t feel like enough? Or maybe I’m just a romantic… Okay, admittedly there’s no maybe about it. I am swooning.

Then BAM: HEAT. Oh my god, so freaking hot – the bed breaking! I was close to hyperventilating for sure.

A little apprehension creeps in at the end. It was surprisingly well done, I thought – the whole pace slowing right down, honing in on Bella’s form and I almost feel that nudge myself. As Edward’s anxious face owns the screen….

Kudos Summit. I whine about the things that you get wrong, but I’ve got to commend what you’ve done right and I really think that this trailer is one of them. I am looking forward to November – please don’t disappoint me.

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